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About Akaz


Perfect Fit Tailoring & Embroidery found its place when a realization was bravely turned into a business plan. One of its co-owners, Nems Sembrano, started sponsoring a basketball team for her business Infinity in the Al Muteena Basketball League, then PEBA Garhoud, and witnessed not only the fun and excitement of watching basketball teams best each other for the coveted title but also saw the needs of these teams.

After a series of successful basketball league sponsorships, Nems realized that there is indeed a potential market. She communicated her idea to put up a tailoring shop to her now co-owner, Lerma Jane Balbuena and they decided to collaborate and develop a sound business proposal which eventually led to the establishment of PFTE.

Now it’s time for the next chapter

The AKAZ Story
We all have that one shirt that we loved when we were a kid – our favorite outfit, the most comfortable, stylish, or colorful. Somehow, we can’t seem to stop wearing it. But eventually, we outgrow that item. Maybe it got outdated, frayed or it just couldn’t fit us anymore. One day, it becomes impossible to wear already. At first, we keep it in the back of our closets – trying to convince ourselves that we’ll wear it again someday.

Then we just forget about it. Pretty soon, it will be given to your younger brother or sister. And in an instant, your favorite shirt comes alive once more. Finally, it has a function again. It fits again.



It all started with the Perfect Fit.
Founded by Ms. Nems Sembrano in 2013, the Perfect Fit was a member of the Nems Group of Companies. The Nems Group of Companies, named after its founder, already had big names on its resume. It had Al Qadi Tourism which offers Tours and Travel deals, Acentria Solutions the only Filipino official du Channel Partner, Perfect Petals, and NEMCOR when the Perfect Fit was founded.
Perfect Fit lasted for three years leaving nothing but satisfied customers.

The perfect fit that wasn’t perfect YET after all…
Because of the increasing cost of production, Perfect Fit had to move from its birthplace. The company was uprooted from Dubai and transferred to Sharjah where it stands until now. That’s how committed the company was in providing quality products. They chose to move instead of compromising the quality of their items.



Finding the right fit
2018 saw the Perfect Fit stand proud as a rebranded company: AKAZ or Al Koora Al Zahbiah Sports Garment. Now based on Sharjah, they send out over 2500 sets of sports apparel every month. They have also become one of the leading producers of custom-made sports garments in the UAE, bagging big clients like Jollibee and Du.

This is because of the company’s strict policies on QUALITY. They make sure that their clients are satisfied guaranteeing that they return. In fact, AKAZ Sports Garments has a lot of repeating customers, all in agreement that AKAZ provides only the best service.

Our company is deeply rooted on its vision to deliver quality service to multi-cultural clients and emerge as the best tailoring shop in UAE.



We are committed to be a national leader in men’s tailoring by tapping into the Filipino talent, skills and global competence. We aim to accomplished world-class recognition by ensuring top caliber work output and gain massive following through guaranteed customer satisfaction.